Larger Than Life Gentlemen

Larger than Life Gentlemen Tailors of Distinction.Do you struggle to find a suit that fits off the peg? Or are you very particular about what you wear? We offer a solution for any shape, size and fit, be you 6’10” or larger than life.

Tailors of Distinction offers fantastic value-for-money options. Full bespoke suits made from a pure wool cloth are available from $1995, in a wide range of colours and patterns. Treat yourself to a suit that fits the way it’s supposed to.

Don’t settle for an off the rack suit that will only ever be a compromise. Tailors of Distinction offers tailored suiting with half or full canvas construction. This creates an exemplary fit in the cloth of your choice.

Full bespoke trousers in larger sizes, in a variety of fabrics are available for $399.

Tailor made shirts are available in large sizes from $295.

Why compromise when luxury and the perfect fit is within reach?


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